Accessibility Statement

This accessibility declaration was updated on: 09.03.23

At Confederation House we believe that accessibility is essential in an egalitarian, just and prosperous society. We therefore emphasize that all users of our services receive equal treatment. To that end we have invested considerable resources to improve the accessibility of the services that we provide, in the facilities that we operate, and on our internet website.
The Internet today constitutes the most readily available and convenient source of information and services. We have made great efforts to guarantee that our website is accessible to all.


An accessible website is one that allows individuals with disabilities the possibility of browsing as effectively and enjoyably as others, making use of the capabilities of the system upon which it functions and utilizing technologies that assist access. The website has been tested with an NVDA-type voice reading program. Access adaptations in our website were implemented in accordance with Regulation 35 of the regulations governing equal rights of individuals with disabilities (adaptations of accessibility to services), 2013, and in accordance with Israel Standards 5568 to Level AA.

Adaptations implemented in the framework of website access improvements

A full-access support ruler has been installed in the Chrome browser that allows visual changes to the screen to several states: adapted to color blind individuals and adapted to the visually impaired. In addition, cessation of mobility within the website and emphasis on links and buttons are possible.
The website can be used with the following keyboard shortcuts
o On/Off of accessibility menu: Alt + 0
o Skip to main menu: Alt + 1
o Skip to main content: Alt + 2
o Go to search engine: Alt + 4
o Go to contact us: Alt + 7
o Go to homepage: Alt + h
o Go to accessibility menu: Alt + m
*In Firefox browser use Alt + Shift and the number/letter.
To move between elements in the page, press the Tab key; to move back among elements, press Shift + Tab keys
The website is responsive and it is possible to browse with a variety of devices: computers, cellular phones, etc.
The site code is adapted to technologies such as screen readers; there is replacement text for photos; data insertion fields and forms have appropriate labels; and more.
The structure of the pages in the website is uniform and each page bears an appropriate heading.
The site includes a site map/search engine—facilitating easy access to desired information.
Text in the site is clear and legible and can be enlarged as required using keyboard shortcuts such as (ctrl+); the links are clear.
One can browse the site via keyboard and trace the browsing navigation through its built-in focus.
It is noteworthy that despite our efforts to make all pages in the website accessible, some pages containing external elements and beyond our control may not be accessible. Other pages may not be accessible due to technical problems. If you encounter such problems, you may contact our accessibility coordinator for assistance.

Accessibility arrangements at Confederation House

Accessible parking spaces—Confederation House offers parking for disabled individuals using wheelchairs. Arrivals should be coordinated one day in advance with the accessibility coordinator.
There is an accessible path to the building.
The entrance is accessible.
There is appropriate signing and there are direction indicators.
The box office is accessible.
Hearing aids are available in the Confederation House hall for the hearing impaired—headphones are available.
Management offices: the management offices are not accessible. Management will come down to the entrance level to meet individuals with mobility disabilities.
There is a privately owned restaurant on the premises and accessibility arrangements should be made directly with its manager.
There is access to seating in the lower hall for individuals in wheelchairs.
Accompaniment by a staff member/usher is provided as needed.
Elevators/chairlifts/stairs/ramps: Confederation House is a 500-year-old historic landmark with three stories. Between the stories there are stairs without an elevator. There is a stair lift to the upper hall and there are accessible toilet facilities, available upon arrangement in advance with the accessibility coordinator.

Contact information for the accessibility coordinator

 For further information or assistance in regard to accessibility, please contact the Confederation House accessibility coordinator, Michal Assal.
phone: 0528460469