International Oud Festival 2013

The Jerusalem International Oud Festival focuses upon a wonderful musical instrument, the oud—known throughout the Middle East as the king of instruments and an outstanding symbol of the illustrious Arab musical culture that influences a variety of musical traditions throughout the region.

The Oud Festival celebrates its 14th anniversary this year. As in previous years, it presents original productions and special performances that reflect the vitality and creativity of Arab musical tradition. This year the festival presents two Israeli premiers: the Katerina Papadopoulou Ensemble with traditional Greek music; and Turkish vocalist Sabahat Akkiraz performing Turkish folk music. There are outstanding Israeli artists such as Yair Dalal, Amos Hoffman, Rechela, Peretz Eliyahu and Haya Samir, and a tribute to the much admired Oum Kalthoum and noted composer Muhammad al-Qasabgi.

This year's festival takes place from 31 October to 9 November.

מתחם התחנה הראשונה
משרד החוץ
מסעדת תאנים
הפורום הארופי
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